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The Music and Voice team provides music and voice lessons for Adults and Children.

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced students welcome.


Get Lessons and Instruction with these Courses:


*Vocal Training *Vocal Coaching

*Guitar Lessons *Bass Lessons

*Piano Lessons *Drum Lessons

*Horns/Woodwind Lessons


*Sound Engineering 

....and more

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Music and Voice is a non-profit music school which specializes in providing the highest quality professional instruction for voice, band instruments (woodwinds, brass, and concert percussion), piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin/fiddle,viola,cello and much more! We do so knowing that music has been proven to help stimulate the ability of one to reason, calculate, read, improve self-control/discipline, and excel in all levels of education.

 The need for quality student-friendly music education and training is at an all-time high. Music and Voice addresses and fulfills these needs. Music and Voice instructs girls and boys, men and women of practically any age.

 At Music and Voice our goal is to educate the whole musician, not just to train a performer.

 Our curriculum goes far beyond technical mastery to include a sense of history, society, culture and art. Through a conservatory approach, our students learn to perform, interpret and teach music in a rich learning environment that provides a great education and effective training.


Our studio teachers are among the finest musicians and teachers in Southern California.


The Music and Voice Tutor team provides lessons for Adults and Children.

Phone: 951-572-2270

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